THREE – SIX. // Monthly Updates

Sometimes you get too busy living this crazy life, that it’s hard to stop to reflect on the everyday stuff. These past three months have been full of both sweet, soul-filling moments and challenging periods of growth. This week, I’m finally stopping to catch up and intentionally practice gratitude. Using my daily #thegoodlist and photos/texts/journal entries, I’ve put together this quick summary of what the last three months have held:

December started to the tune of Drummer Boy (by Justin Bieber) on our Border Delegation trip in Arizona and was full of Christmas Cheer. From experiencing the New Mexico Christmas traditions of luminarias and biscochitos to throwing our own YAV Christmas Party & Fundraiser, we had a busy month, especially since it was cut short as we all traveled home for the holidays. It was so fun decorating and starting new traditions, but it was also really sweet getting to reunite with family and friends back home in SC.

I have always loved the turn of the new year and the fresh start it brings. We welcomed each other back to ABQ and into our intentional community through a relaxing, reconnecting retreat at the most beautiful AirBnB ever. January was a bit of a stressful season as we readjusted to our living space and worked towards finding solutions for some safety concerns. I started a new schedule to make room for a new internship at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. January brought challenges and changes, but it also allowed me to push myself towards more mindfulness, new realizations, and some much-desired clarity. Though this month seemed to be never-ending, it was also chock-full of wonderful New Mexican adventures.

The first few weeks of February are off to a great start! The weather has finally started to warm up (at least some days), though the wind has made an appearance too. I’ve taken as many opportunities as I can get to stretch my legs and spend time outdoors. I’m spending the month studying for the GRE, intentionally reconnecting with old friends and colleagues, and trying to find the balance between looking forward to the future and remaining grounded in the present.

This month roughly marks a halfway point in our YAV year, and though it’s been a busy month already, I have been making time to consciously set goals for what I hope the next 6 months looks like. However, I’m learning that as hard as I might try to have plans, structure, and goals, the best opportunities for growth are in the unexpected. The last 5 months have sometimes made me question why I’m here and nothing has ever happened as I expected, but more and more, I’m becoming okay with this uncertainty. My YAV year has been a crazy, beautiful adventure, and I am so glad to be here and enjoy 6 more months of scary and frustrating uncertainty.

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